Mary Eve Richardson 1879 Mary Eve Warner
1861 - 1932

BORN: 18 FEB 1861 in Pennsylvania
         01 MAR 1879
         Washington County, Iowa
DIED: 1932


Mary Eve Richardson was a wife and mother, known for her fine singing voice. She also taught singing. She lived much of her adult life in Bancroft and Armstrong, Iowa.

Eve, as she liked to be called, lived at least part of her childhood years in Washington County, Iowa and it was there that she married her husband, Robert William Richardson, in the spring of 1879. The 1880 Census also places them and their first child, one month old Lewis, in Washington County.

Within a few years of the 1880 census, Robert's new family moved north, near Bancroft, Iowa - their fourth child, David Earl, was born there in the summer of 1884. The Richardson family continued to live in Bancroft until at least 1896 when the birth of their seventh child, Gilbert, places them there.

Most of the history handed down within the family places the Robert Richardson family in Armstrong, Iowa but this move could not have happened until sometime just before the turn of the century. Eve was known to have sung at the Presbyterian church they attended there.

Robert and Eve had a total of eight children.

  Robert Richardson Family, 1895  

The Robert Richardson Family
- 1896 -
back row: Lou, Eve, Selba, & Robert M
front row: Laura, Robert William, baby Gilbert, David & Ralph


At the age of 70, Robert became ill and "knew" that it must be cancer, but refused to allow doctors to operate on him. He remained bed-ridden for nine years. Eventually Eve became so tired of caring for him that his son, Bob, moved them to Chicago. Shortly after the move, Eve died of a heart attack (at age 72) and within two weeks Robert was dead also, the year being 1932. A post-mortum examination of Robert showed no sign of cancer.

Both Robert and Eve are presumed buried somewhere in or near Chicago.

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WIFE of Mary Eve Richardson:
    Robert William RICHARDSON

PARENTS of Mary Eve Richardson:
    John WARNER
    Helen MORGAN

CHILDREN of Mary Eve Richardson:
   1. Lewis Henry "Lou" RICHARDSON

   2. Roselba "Selba" RICHARDSON
   3. Robert Monroe RICHARDSON
   4. David Earl RICHARDSON
   5. Ralph Evelend RICHARDSON
   6. Laura E. (RUBLE)
   7. Gilbert Forest RICHARDSON
   8. Nita Naomi (DECKER)