Laura Richardson Laura E. Richardson
1892 - 1962

BORN: 01 APR 1892, Iowa
MARRIED 1: Ralph Henry RUBLE, 1912
DIED: 09 APR 1962

Laura E. Richardson was the sixth child born to Robert and Eve Richardson. She married Bob Ruble, an outstanding baseball player. They had three sons, Junior, Robert and Quentin.

When the Great Depression struck, Bob had a lot of trouble keeping a job that would care for Laura and their three boys. He decided his family would all be better off if he killed himself, since he had life insurance. This was a tragic error for many reasons, the irony being that insurance companies do not pay out for suicides, leaving Laura to raise their three children on her own, no richer than if her husband were alive.

Laura's sister, Selba, moved in to help Laura raise and support the three boys. The five of them moved to Portland, Oregon where they ran a roadside restaurant. Times were difficult and they worked long hours for little money.

Just when things seemed to be at their worst, sailor by the name of Douglass Bloom, who was not too much older than the boys came into their lives. Under his direction the three boys got jobs. Douglass eventually became a produce buyer for the Myren Frank's chain of stores and eventually, despite the difference in their ages, Laura and Douglass married.

Laura E. Bloom died on April 9th, 1962.

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HUSBANDS of Laura E. Richardson:
   1. Ralph Henry "Bob" RUBLE
   2. Douglass BLOOM

PARENTS of Laura E. Richardson:
    Robert William RICHARDSON
    Mary "Eve" WARNER

CHILDREN of Laura E. Richardson:
   1. Junior RUBLE
   2. Robert RUBLE
   3. Quentin RUBLE