Roselba Richardson Roselba Richardson
1881 - 1960

BORN: 3 AUG 1881, Bancroft, Iowa
DIED: 30 SEP 1960
         Portland, Oregon

Roselba Richardson or Selba as she was commonly called, was an independent woman who never married. During World War I she became a night railroad depot agent in Culbertson, Montana, getting this traditionally "mans" job because so many of the men were away fighting the war. At War's end, the men wanted their jobs back and so most of the women soon found themselves reduced to doing "women's work" again. In Selba's case, she was told that she could keep her job if she learned to type and take shorthand. After several months of schooling, she failed the test they put before her and was let go.

A couple years into the Great Depression, Selba moved to Chicago to help her sister Laura raise and support her three teenage children after their father commited suicide. Selba was a fixture in that household for several years. At some point during the mid-1940s, Roselba moved to Parshall, North Dakota, where she worked in her brother Earl's merchantile store.

Selba was described as a heavy, solid woman, whose most predominant feature was her crossed eye, which made it hard to determine whether she was looking at you or not. While she often appeared stern, Selba had a warm smile on those occasions when she wanted to use it.

Selba eventually moved back in with her sister Laura, who by then had moved to Portland, Oregon. She died in 1960 of breast cancer, which had metastasized to her brain and lung.

Roselba Richardson is buried at the Lincoln Memorial Park in Portland, Oregon.

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    Robert William RICHARDSON
    Mary "Eve" WARNER

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