Deliverance Swanson Peck
1639 - 1727

BORN: 1639, Hingham, Plymouth Colony
         26 JUN 1662
         Block Island, Rhode Island
         Barnstable, Massachusetts
DIED: 9 DEC 1727
         Newport, Rhode Island

The information concerning Deliverance Peck is filled with gaps and contradictory information, some of which we will try to sort through here in order to find out who she really was. Fortunately, both her father and first husband's lives are better documented, and shed some light on Deliverance's life.

According to many sources, Deliverance was born on 21 June 1637, although dates as late as 1644 are also suggested. Block Island and Newport, (both in Rhode Island) as well as Hingham, England are all mentioned by various sources as being her birthplace. Some records list Rebecca Clark, Joseph Peck's first wife, as Deliverance's mother and others say her mother was Deliverance Peck, his second.

Two reported facts help to clear things up. First, Rebecca Clark died in October of 1637 and was buried at Hingham, England. And second, a passenger listing for the ship Diligent lists Joseph Peck, Mrs. Peck, three sons, a daughter and five servants as making the voyage from Ipswich, England to Boston, Massachusetts in the summer of 1638. The sole daugher mentioned was almost certainly Rebecca, who would have been about 18 and was known to have made the trip with her family. Joseph's only other daughter was Anne, who died two years earlier in 1636.

It was also common amoung Puritans to name their children after themselves or other family members.

If Deliverance was born in 1637, regardless of who her mother was, then she must have been on the Diligent when it made its 1638 crossing - but the passenger list mentions only one daughter. And what is the likelihood that Rebecca named her daughter Deliverance and then within nine months of her death, her husband marries another Deliverance? And if daughter Deliverance was not on that ship, there is no chance that her mother could have been Rebecca Clark.

And here the story of Deliverance Peck, daughter of Rebecca Clark and born in 1637, falls apart. Too many contradictions and facts that don't support one another. Newport and Block Island are both unlikely places for Deliverance to have been born. Newport was not founded until 1639 by people exiled or alienated by the Puritans and their rigid standards of correctness. Block Island had no permanent population until around 1660, when 'Free Thinkers' populated it. Not Free Thinkers in the modern sence of being someone who questions the existance of God - Free Thinkers of this time period questioned the strict rules and harsh punishments practiced by the Puritans.

Deliverance Peck was born sometime after 1638 but not later than 1644, most likely in the township of Hingham, Massachusetts where her parents, Joseph and Deliverance Peck, lived during this time.

Deliverance Peck married William Colquhoun on 26 June 1662. Both Block Island and Newport are suggested as places where this wedding might have occurred. At first the union of an Influential Puritan leader's daughter to a Scotish Covanteer would seem an unlikely match, but Deliverance's brother, Nathanial was one of the key founders of the town of Swansea, which was established as a refuge for Baptists in the Plymouth Colony. Samuel Dearing, William's former master, colonized Block Island in part as a safe haven for Baptists. Deliverance and William were most likely introduced through their newly adopted faiths as the Baptists were few in number during this time.

Joseph Peck, the rich and influential Puritan leader, could not have been pleased. In addition to the obvious differences between the Puritans and the Baptists, many conservative New Englanders viewed Scots as being no better than Indians or Negros (as did most Englishmen). When Joseph Peck dies the following year, his daughter Deliverance is not mentioned in his rather lengthy will.

Deliverance and William have nine children over the course of the next thirteen years. Her husband's industrious nature makes them at least modestly prosperous during this time, first on Block Island and then in Swansea, Massachusetts where William becomes the town's brickmaker. It is at Swansea that William changes the spelling of the family surname to the more phonetically correct 'Cahoon'.

It is likely that Nathanial enticed William and Deliverance to Swansea with this lucrative brickmaking contract and that neither William nor Deliverance would have fit into Swansea society had they not been of the Baptist faith.

On 22 June 1675, the Wampanog tribe attacked the town of Swansea, killing 8 or 9 colonists and seriously wounding several others. Many of the villagers, including William and his family, took refuge in the home of the Rev. John Myles, because it had stone walls. When it became apparent that several of the wounded would die without a physician, William Cahoon volunteered to make the dangerous trek to Rehobeth and bring back a doctor. William's mutilated remains were found the next day near what is now Lake and Wheeler Streets in East Rehobeth.

While some records suggest that Deliverance takes the children and returns to Block Island for a time, others state that the survivors of Swansea were evacuated to Cape Cod - and it is in Cape Cod that Deliverance meets her next husband.

In 1681, Deliverance marries Caleb Lumbert at Barnstable, Massachusetts where he owned lands inherited from his father. That same year, Caleb is legally appointed guardian of Deliverance's son Joseph Cahoon.

Deliverance and Caleb move to Monomoit, where he also serves as constable and selectman.

Caleb dies about 10 years into their marriage and Deliverance fades into obscurity after that, other than notice of her death. Deliverance Peck dies at Newport, Rhode Island in 1727. She is at least 82 years old (based upon a presumed birth year of 1644) and has outlived both of her husbands, all nine of her brothers and sisters, and at least five of her children.

HUSBANDS of Deliverance Swanson PECK:
    William CAHOON

    Caleb LUMBERT

PARENTS of Deliverance Swanson PECK:
    Joseph PECK

    Deliverance BOSWORTH

CHILDREN of Deliverance Swanson PECK and William CAHOON:
   1. Samuel CAHOON
   2. Mary CAHOON
   3. Joseph CAHOON
   4. Archibald CAHOON
   5. Agnus CAHOON
   6. William CAHOON
   7. James CAHOON
   8. John CAHOON
   9. Nathanial CAHOON


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