The Love Family can be traced back to the town of Basing in Hampshire during the Fifteenth Century. By the middle of the Seventeenth Century they had moved to Strabone, Scotland and within a generation after that they were living in Counties Antrim and Tyrone in Northern Ireland.

Robert Love and several of his young children emigrated to America sometime around 1725, making their home in Pennsylvania Dutch country not far from Philadelphia. Within a generation the Loves had spread out across the middle and southern colonies and into the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys.

Several sons and grandsons of Robert Love fought in the American Revolution.

Robert Love
Abt 1695 - 1741

Robert emigrates from Ireland sometime around 1725 and settles not far from Philadelphia.
Joseph Love
1728 - 1804

Joseph is a clothier who fathers eleven children before joining the Continental Army during the American Revolution. After the War, Joseph moves throughout the South, finally settling in Tennessee.
John Love
1765 - 1808

John fathers eight children, but dies before any of them reach the age of 18.
Robert Love
1801 - 1874

Robert farms the Ohio Valley.
Sarah Richardson, 1879 Sarah J. Love
1828 - 1901

Sarah marries Lewis Richardson, a successful farmer who uses a local land boom in Ohio to move their family to greener pastures in Iowa.

Names Index

LOVE, John
LOVE, Joseph
LOVE, Mary - 1734
LOVE, Robert - 1695

LOVE, Robert - 1801
LOVE, Rosaline
LOVE, Sarah - 1770
LOVE, Sarah J. - 1828

RICHARDSON, Lewis Kincade
TEAS, Mary
WILMORE, Rosaline