Friedrich Heinrich Drees, 1875 August Heinrich Drees
1859 - 1935

BORN: 17 FEB 1859
         Beiren, Dono, Westfalia
MARRIED: Anne Margarita ROEHR
         01 JUL 1881
         Rodinghausen, Westfalia
DIED: 24 SEP 1935
         Daykin, Nebraska

August Heinrich Drees was born in the Bieren-Dono region of Westfalia.

It was the custom in Germany at this time for the oldest boy to inherit the farm and pay the other siblings an "equal share" of the inheritance. If the eldest son married well, this was not a problem, but if not then the right of enheritance was passed to the next oldest child, and so on. In this case, one of August's sisters married 'better' than the rest of them and her husband took over the farm.

August married in 1881. At this time he worked for a farmer named Clusmann in Dono, but around 1880 a wave of immigration fever swept the country and August and his wife caught it and began to make plans to leave. Their friends, the Haake family, had already imigrated to Nebraska and sent letters encouraging them to come too. Nebraska was an attractive place for German settlers because the climate was similar to that of northern Germany, there was already a large number of German settlers there, and plenty of land was available.

In June of 1881, August, his wife and their infant daughter, Louise, sailed for America. They arrived in New York City in time for Louise to celebrate her first birthday there.

August and his family traveled to Ohio first but then continued on to Daykin, Nebraska. He liked the area so much that he started sending letters to his brother Fred, encouraging his to come to America too, which Fred did in 1883.

Fred and August Drees bought what was then called the Vernon Haake farm and divided it between themselves. Their farm consisted of 160 acres a half-mile east of Daykin. At first, both families shared a sod house. Fred got a job that kept him away during the week. August farmed the land with the help of Fred's wife, Anna. August's wife maintained the house and nursed two babies, her own and Annas. After a few years, Fred and August were able to build separate wood-frame houses for each of their families.

Life was difficult the first several years they lived in America. They worked long hours and lacked many simple items such as soap or coffee - they drank a beverage made from roasted wheat as a substitute. Fred bought a shoe making machine for August who took over the enterprise for the whole family. The children were teased by some of the local children who called them the "Wooden shoe Dutch".

August and Anna would have ten more children while they lived in Daykin. August retired from farming in the late 1920s and moved into town. He died in 1935.

August Drees Family

August Heinrich Drees is buried at St. Johns Cemetary, just east of Daykin.

WIFE of August Heinrich Drees:
    Anne Margarita ROEHR

PARENTS of August Heinrich Drees:
    Johann Heinrich DREES
    Anne Margaret Ilsabein SCHIERENBECK

CHILDREN of August Heinrich Drees:
   1. Anna Marie "Louise" (MASCHMANN)

   2. August Friedrich DREES
   3. Anna Marie Elise "Mary" (BRINGEWATT)
   4. Anna Alvina Lisette "Alvina" (JORDENING)
   5. Klara Margaretha Katherina (VORDERSTRASSE)
   6. Minna Marie Charlotte (LUCKING)
   7. Georg Heinrich Wilhelm DREES
   8. Lina Marie Elizabeth (EBKE)
   9. Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm DREES
   10. Hermann Heinrich Theodor DREES
   11. Louise Anna Martha (EBKE)



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