Anna Marie Louise Drees
1881 - 1970

BORN: 26 Jul 1881
         Herne-Holsterhausen, Westfalia
CONFIRMED: Palm Sunday, 1897
         St. Johns Lutheran Church, Daykin, Nebraska
         23 Apr 1903
         St. Johns Lutheran Church, Daykin, Nebraska
DIED: 01 Jul 1970
         Grand Forks, North Dakota

Anna Marie Louise Drees was born on July 26th, 1881 in Herne-Holsterhausen and emigrated with her family when she was 2 years old. She remembers walking into Daykin as a child, carrying eggs and other farm products to the Pastor and other townspeople and being embarrassed by kids who would point and call her "Wooden Shoe Dutch". Her uncle August made all the shoes for the family to save money, but even after didn't wear the wooden shoes anymore, her mother liked to keep a pair of them on the porch to slip on when she went outside. She worked for various neighbors until finally moving to Lincoln and working for a wealthy woman. It was there that she saw her first automobile.

Anna married Henry Bringewatt of Daykin, Nebraska and over the course of many years they lived on several farms. Anna and Henry had four children during these years: George, Alfred, Wilhelm and Elsie.

The last of the Daykin farms on which they lived was called the Bungalow Stock Farm. On February 7th, 1916 the house burned to the ground but everyone was able to escape with only the clothes on their backs. They rebuilt on the property, a one-story bungalow that they felt confident they could escape from if there were ever in a fire again. At the end of the year Anna and Henry's fifth child, a son they named Frank, would be born but he lived only 3 days - the funeral was held on Christmas day.

Henry traveled to North Dakota in 1919, buying 320 acres of excellent farmland near the Red River of the North. Anna did want to leave her relatives and friends, but finally said she would consider moving if she had a nice house. They set out for North Dakota on about March 1st of 1921 in their Model-T Ford. Henry had big plans for the new farm, but died of a ruptured appendicities in 1923.

Anna never remarried, though she lived another 46 years. She continued to live on the farm with her sons Geroge and Albert for many years. She was badly burned in the 1940s, carrying boiling water down the basement steps to wash clothes. In her later years, she lived with her daughter Elsie, near Grand Forks, until her death.

HUSBAND of Anna Marie:
    Heinrich Wilhelm "Henry" BRINGEWATT


PARENTS of Anna Marie:
    Frederick Heinrich DREES

    Anne Katherine Ilsabein BRUENGER

CHILDREN of Anna Marie:
   1. George Frank BRINGEWATT

   2. Alfred Fred BRINGEWATT
   3. Wilhelm Hermann Albert BRINGEWATT
   4. Elsie Emma (SPICER)
   5. Frank BRINGEWATT


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