Dorothy Anne Schroeter, 1960 Dorothy Ann Drees
1942 - 2013

BORN: 04 Mar 1942
         Grand Forks, North Dakota
         05 Feb 1960
         Grand Forks, North Dakota
DIED: 7 Jul 2013
         Fargo, North Dakota

Dorothy Ann Drees was the seventh child born to Albert and Ethel Drees. She fell in love young and married Leonard Schroeter, who was stationed at the nearby Grand Forks Air Force Base, a month before her 18th birthday. Their first child was born before year's end.

Within their first year of marriage, Leonard was in trouble with the law, charged with armed robbery. However, due to the respect that Dorothy's father held in the community, Len received only probation and his record was expunged after a number of years. But because of this incident, no one would hire him in Grand Forks so Dorothy and Len moved to Indianapolis. Len worked for the Ford Motor Company during the day and studied accounting at night while Dorothy kept house and cared for the children. She later took classes to become a dental assistant.

In 1975, the Schroeters moved back to Grand Forks and opened Cape Codder Seafood Restaurant on Washington Avenue, but the business never took in enough money to pay off the loans. Within a few years, Leonard had returned to accounting and then began managing nursing homes. Dorothy worked in medical records and retail.

Len, disallusioned with how he felt his life was going and a functional alcoholic for much of their marriage, divorced Dorothy in 1984, a move that devistated her and their three children. Dorothy returned to school and graduated from the respiratory therapy program at Northland Community and Technical College in 1986. She then took a job at Dakota Hospital in Fargo where she worked as a Respiratory Therapist for the next 23 years.

Dorothy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 which was treated successfully and she returned to life as usual. About 14 years later she started having trouble with her arm, which her primary care doctor misdiagnosed as Carpal Tunnel syndrome but was actually a highly-placed breast cancer pressing against a nerve. The delay in correctly diagnosing the tumor contributed to her losing most of the use in that arm.

Despite her health setbacks, Dorothy remained generally cheerful and mostly self-sufficient, at least until the death of her youngest son in 2012. Dorothy died a year later from metastatic breast cancer.

Dorothy's funeral was held at Saint Andrew's Lutheran Church in West Fargo on July 13th, 2013. She is buried near her parents at Memorial Park Cemetary South in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

HUSBAND of Dorothy Anne Drees:
    Leonard Earl SCHROETER

PARENTS of Dorothy Anne Drees:
   Albert Frederick Frank DREES

   Ethel Viola KUSTER

CHILDREN of Dorothy Anne Drees:
   1. Timothy James SCHROETER

   2. Barry Jon SCHROETER
   3. Shawn Christopher SCHROETER



  A Genealogy and History for the Family of Albert and Ethel Drees, by Donna Widenhoefer