Herman W. Drees
1908 - 1989

BORN: 10 MAR 1908
         Woodruff, Kansas
DIED: 10 JUN 1989
         Moses Lake, Washington

Herman W. Drees was born in or near the town of Woodruff, Kansas.

Herman and his father Fred started a trucking company in the late 1920s, hauling primarily feed corn and salt to ranchers in the area around Bartlett, Kansas. (Some ranchers were buying salt by the ton which when fed to cattle helped to increase their weight.) Their business eventually went bad when the cost of corn rose to the point they could no longer transport it and make a profit.

With the onset of the Dust Bowl years and the Depression, farming was no more profitable than their trucking business, so when a man came through town with jobs for apple thinners near Azwell, Washington, Herman, his brother Henry and father Fred took the man up on the offer. It was springtime and trees that were not 'thinned' usually grew smaller apples and the wind would cause the close growing fruit to bump into each other and bruise. They traveled from one orchard to the next until all the trees had been thinned.

When the thinning season was over, Herman, Henry and Fred started cutting 'stove' wood to sell to the wood yards. Herman was able to save enough to buy a house.

Like both his brothers Herman remained a life-long bachelor. He died 4 months after his older brother Henry passed, having reached the age of 81. Herman is buried at the Spring Canyon Cemetery in Grand Coulee where many of his brothers and sisters are also buried.

WIFE of Herman H. Drees:

PARENTS of Herman H. Drees:
    Frederick Heinrich DREES Jr.

    Anna Marie "Lena" DEEKE

CHILDREN of Herman H. Drees:


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