Friedrich Heinrich Drees Jr.
1877 - 1961

BORN: 20 Jan 1877
         Beiren, Dono, Westfalia
         St. Johns Lutheran Church, Daykin, Nebraska
MARRIED: Anna Marie "Lena" DEEKE
         17 Jul 1900
         Clatonia, Nebraska
DIED: 06 Sep 1961
         Grand Coolee, Washington

Frederick Heinrich Drees Jr was born and baptised in the Bieren-Dono region of Westfalia and emigrated to America when he was 7 years old. He was a farmer.

Frederick married Lena Deeke in 1900. They moved to Western, Nebraska, where their first two children were born. After several years Fred sold this farm of 160 acres and was able to buy twice the amount of land in Woodruff, Kansas. Fred's father and brother Gustav moved to Woodruff the following year having bought land within a mile or two of Fred's farm. Four more children where born to Fred and Lena in Woodruff: Herman, Edward, Elsie and Sadie.

Frederick traded for new land near Bartlett, Nebraska in 1927 and moved there the following year. Crops were good the first year but then came the "Dust Bowl" years. Fred and his son Henry started a trucking business, buying corn and salt from suppliers and transporting it to local farmers for their cattle. Salt was at that time used to fatten cattle. The business went bad because the local ranchers could not afford to pay Frederick enough to make a good profit on top of what he had to pay for the corn and salt. Frederick lost the farm sometime during the Great Depression.

In 1937, Frederick and his sons met a man from Washington state who managed apple orchards. He was looking for a few men to thin the apples. The trees were typically thinned of apples in the spring to increase the size of the remaining apples and to keep the apples from bumping into each other in the wind, resulting in bruised fruit, which reduces the price of the crop. Frederick and sons Henry and Henry decided to work in the orchards near Azwell, Washington while the family remained behind in Bartlett. At the time none of them realized they would not be coming back.

Frederick and Henry thinned apples that spring and then opened up a business cutting and hauling stove wood, selling many hundreds of cords and all the while sending money back home to their families. The move was a good one for the Drees family. They soon decided to make Washington their permanent home.

Frederick moved to Grand Coolee several years later after his son Henry got a job working on the dam there. For a time, Frederick and all three of his sons lived in Grand Coolee, within a few miles of each other.

Frederick Drees died on September 6th, 1961 after a long illness that had left him confined to a wheelchair. His wife Lena died four years later. They are buried at the Spring Canyon Cemetary in Grand Coolee, Washington.

WIFE of Frederick Drees Jr.:
    Anna Marie "Lena" DEEKE


PARENTS of Frederick Drees Jr.:
    Frederick Heinrich DREES

    Anne Katherine Ilsabein BRUENGER

CHILDREN of Frederick Drees Jr.:
   1. Henry F. DREES

   2. Anna Katharina "Emma" (CLARK)
   3. Herman W. DREES
   4. George Edward DREES
   5. Elsie E. (RHOADES)
   6. Sadie E. (GAFFNEY)