Johann Heinrich Drees
1820 - 1897

BORN: 12 NOV 1820
         Beiren, Dono, Westfalia
MARRIED: Anne Margaret Ilsabein SCHIERENBECK
         28 JUL 1846
         St. Bartholomaus Church
         Rodinghausen, Westfalia
DIED: 11 NOV 1897
         Beiren, Dono, Westfalia

Johann Heinrich Drees was born in the Bieren-Dono region of Westfalia.

Johann and his family were members of Saint Bartholomaus Church that includes a mural from 1520 depicting the suffering of Jesus Christ. Johann and Anne were married there and all of Johann's children were baptised and confirmed in this church. Johann was a church officer for a time and it was recorded that he took his duties very seriously. The original structure, from the twelveth century, still exists, however it was enlarged in 1893 and renovated in 1968.

The rule in Germany concerning inheritance is that one child would inherit everything, and then pay out equal sums of money to the remaining brothers and sisters for their shares. Because of this, the land and properties did not always go to the eldest son, but to the child who married someone of greater status or wealth that his or her siblings. Anne Marie Ilsabein, Johann's seventh child, married August Rahe - a man with enough wealth that he could more easily pay-out the inheritance shares to Anne's brothers and sisters.

It was extremely difficult to purchase land in Germany at this time and the Drees property could not support the remaining five children of Johann Drees, so they had to look elsewhere for a means to support their families. Three of the five (Friedrich, August and Lizzie) would eventually emigrate to America, using their inheritance to pay for the long trip and for farmland once they arrived. One of the remaining daughters (Anne Katherine) married into another family and most likely used her share of the inheritance as a dowery. The last daughter never married.

It was concidered unusual for so many children to survive into adulthood. In that respect they differed from many of their neighbors.

Johann's emigrant children stayed in touch with their parents through letters, but Johann and his wife would never see Friedrich, August or Lizzie again after 1884.

Johann and Anne died in 1897 and 1889, respectively, and are buried in the Saint Bartholomaus Church Cemetery.

WIFE of Johann Heinrich Drees:
    Anne Margaret Ilsabein SCHIERENBECK

PARENTS of Johann Heinrich Drees:
    Casper Johann SIEKER
    Anne Marie Elizabeth DREES

CHILDREN of Johann Heinrich Drees:
   1. Heinrich Freidrich DREES

   2. Catherine Ilsabein DREES
   3. Anne Marie DREES
   4. Friedrich Heinrich DREES
   5. Anne Katherine Marie (FLORING)
   6. August Heinrich DREES
   7. Anne Marie Ilsabein (RAHE)
   8. Elizabeth "Lizzie" (KIRCHOFF)


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