Sophie Schlottman Sophie SCHLOTTMAN
1861 - 1945

BORN: 1861 - Green Garden, Illinois
MARRIED: Henry Schlottman
         Green Garden, Illinois
DIED: 1945
         Payette, Idaho


Sophie Bucholz was born in Green Garden township in Illinois. She was the eldest of at least six children. She married Henry Schlottman, three of Sophie's sisters also marrying Henry's brothers. The 1880 Census for Green Garden shows Henry and Sophie as married with no children. They had four children in Greensgarden before moving to Ellsworth, Minnesota where Henry ran a general store. Henry and Sophie had five more children and lived in Ellsworth until he retired.

Sophie's first five children were all girls. The Schlottman girls, as they were called around town, were proud of their relationship and were very close to each other.

Henry and Sophie retired to Payette, Idaho to be closer to their children Alfred and Laura, sometime before 1920. Henry and Sophie both lived to be 85 years old, Sophie dying five years after her husband.


HUSBAND of Sophie:

PARENTS of Sophie:
    Frederick BUCHOLZ
     abt 1820-
     abt 1838-

CHILDREN of Henry Schlottman:
   1 . Gertrude (BECKER)
   2 . Freda (JOHNSON)
   3 . Hilda (TSCHIRGI)
   4 . Ida Tina Wilhelmina "Edith" (RICHARDSON)
   5 . Laura SCHLOTTMAN
   6 . Arthur SCHLOTTMAN
   7 . Lydia Bertha (WOODWARD)
   8 . Alfred SCHLOTTMAN
   9 . Allen SCHLOTTMAN