Heinrich Wilhelm "Henry" Bringewatt
1877 - 1923

BORN: 11 MAR 1877
         Borninghausen, Lubbecke, Westphalia
MARRIED: Anne Marie Louise DREES
         23 APR 1903
         St. Johns Lutheran Church, Daykin, Nebraska
DIED: 07 MAR 1923
         Grand Forks, North Dakota

Heinrich Wilhelm Bringewatt was the second child born to Frank Bringewatt and his second wife Anna. He commonly went by "Henry". He was born in the Lubbecke district of Westphalia in what is now Germany. He immigrated to America with his family, arriving in New York City on May 19, 1883.

The Bringewatt family lived in Pemberville, Ohio from 1883 to 1891. From there they moved to Clatonia, Nebraska.

It is not known how or when the Bringewatts family met the Drees family, but Henry's marriage to Anne in 1903 was but the first of three sibling marriages between the two families that would occur over the following four years.

The wedding was held at Saint John's Lutheran Church in Daykin, Nebraska. It was the typical big wedding where guests often shared breakfast together after a long night of celebration. This did not excuse the newlyweds from their chores after breakfast as they had a farm to run and livestock to milk and feed.

Henry had a fondness for dogs and was a firm believer in having a good dog around where there was cattle. He had a collie, which was his favorite. Henry bought land and swapped farms several times, but always within the same local area. Their final Nebraska farm was known as the Bungalow Stock Farm.

Henry and Anne had 4 children in their first decade of marriage.

On February 7, 1916, fire swept through the house at the Bungalow Stock Farm, destroying it completely. As the house burned, Henry sent the children to their nearest neighbors, the George Walkers, while he rushed back into the house to save pictures of their parents and a rocker that had been a gift from Anna's parents when their eldest son was born. Other than those things, the family escaped with only the clothes on their backs. After the fire the family lived in the grainery. An iron kitchen range that had been pulled out of the ashes was brought in for heat. At dinner time, chairs were pulled from the oat bin and returned there after the meal to conserve what little space they had. They built a new one story house on the property and moved in as soon as it was ready.

Family, friends and neighbors held a housewarming party to help Henry and Anne replace some of their belongings after the fire.

Anne's health was not good during these years (mid 1910s). She was in the hospital on several occasions and someone was hired to help with the housework. A fifth child was born to Henry and Anne, but died after only three days.

In 1919, Henry went with Herman Drees to North Dakota to look at land that was available in the Red River valley. He was so impressed he bought 320 acres with no buildings. Anne, on the other hand, was not impressed. She did not want to move 600 miles away from family and friends but finally agreed to move if a "nice" house could be found for them to live in.

Henry and Anne made a house hunting trip in 1920. For two days, land agents showed them properties with houses, but nothing they liked. Discouraged, they prepared to return to Daykin. They had been staying with Herman and Minnie during this trip, who had moved to Grand Forks earlier in the year, and it was Herman who told Henry that his neighbor wanted to sell. After seeing it, they decided it was "nice" enough. Henry moved his family to North Dakota the following March (1921).

Henry had several improvements in mind for his new properties, but did not live to implement any of them. He died on March 7, 1923 after a short illness. His teenage son George became the family breadwinner and did well enough farming to see the family through hard times.

WIFE of Henry William Bringewatt:
    Anne Marie Louise DREES

PARENTS of Henry William Bringewatt:
    Franz Heinrich Wilhelm "Frank" BRINGEWATT

    Anna Marie Catherine SCHRAEDER

CHILDREN of Henry William Bringewatt:
   1. George Frank BRINGEWATT

   2. Alfred Fred BRINGEWATT
   3. Wilhelm Hermann Albert BRINGEWATT
   4. Elsie Emma (SPICER)
   5. Frank BRINGEWATT


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