Franz Heinrich Wilhelm "Frank" Bringewatt
1844 - 1911

BORN: 10 MAY 1844
         Westphalia, Germany
MARRIED: Anne Marie Louise Charlotte SAMSON
         20 APR 1871
MARRIED: Anna Marie Catherine SCHRAEDER
         21 NOV 1873
         Borninghausen, Germany
DIED: 20 AUG 1911
         Daykin, Nebraska

Franz Heinrich Wilhelm Bringewatt is the only known offspring of Heinrich and Anne Bringewatt.

He married Anne Samson when he was almost 27 years old. They had a son the following year and a daughter the year after that. There daughter was only 5 months old when Anne caught "the fever" and died, leaving Franz with two infants to care for.

Five months after his first wife's death, Franz married Anna Schraeder and they had four children between 1875 and 1882.

It was during these years that Franz began to consider moving to America. Franz sold his house and property at Borninghausen number 16 in old county Lubbecke to farmer Stukemeir and used the money to buy passage to America. Franz and his family arrived in New York City on May 19, 1883 and were soon living in Pemberton, Ohio, presumably because they had friends from Germany who had settled there earlier. Two additional children were born to Franz and Anna while they lived in Ohio.

Sometime before May 1891, the Bringewatt family moved to Clatonia, Nebraska where Franz's ninth child was born. By this time Franz had adopted an Anglicanized version of his first name and was known as Frank.

It is not known how or when the Bringewatts met the Dreeses, but it had to have been before 1903 when Franz's son Henry married Anne Drees. The following year the Bringewatt family moved to Daykin where the Drees family lived. The year after that, Frank's daughter, Minnie, married Herman Drees. And two years after that (1907), Frank's son August married Mary Drees. These marriages cemented a strong bond between the Drees and Bringewatt families.

Frank Bringewatt died in 1911 at 67 years of age. He is buried at Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery in Daykin, Nebraska.

WIVES of Franz Heinrich Wilhelm Bringewatt:
   1. Anne Marie Louise Charlotte SAMSON
   2. Anna Marie Catherine SCHRAEDER

PARENTS of Franz Heinrich Wilhelm Bringewatt:
    Heinrich Friederick BRINGEWATT

    Anne Marie Elizabeth SCHROEDER

CHILDREN of Franz Heinrich Wilhelm Bringewatt and Anne SAMSON:
   1. Ernest Carl BRINGEWATT
   2. Maria Louise Caroline (HOLTMEIER)

CHILDREN of Franz Heinrich Wilhelm Bringewatt and Anna SCHRAEDER:
   1. Franz Heinrich "William" BRINGEWATT
   2. Heinrich Wilhelm "Henry" BRINGEWATT
   3. Catherine Marie "Kate" (HAAKE)
   4. Heinrich August BRINGEWATT
   5. Catherine Wilhelmine "Minnie" (DREES)
   6. Johaan Frederich Wilhelm "John" BRINGEWATT
   7. Elsie Anna Marie (KUGEL)


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